About MyriadVentures

Welcome to MyriadVentures! We are a family business focusing on building happy and successful families. Take a look at the initiatives we have developed below!

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List of parenting and family-building initiatives.

Cool Mum Super Dad Parenting

The Cool Mum Super Dad blog is dedicated to helping parents everywhere become better parents! It contains valuable tips and insights from the husband-and-wife duo Jamilah and Ahmad Fakhri.

Seminars and Workshops

We conduct workshops for corporate and the public on a variety of topics such parenting, intergenerational conflict at the workplace, assertiveness, public speaking, creativity, entrepreneurship and more.

Saujana Janda Baik

Rest, relax and rejuvenate at our riverside getaway! Saujana Janda Baik features two beautiful kampung-styled open-house concept. It has a spacious interior and extended verandah attached. Both are situated next to the river, and there is even a tree-house!



These are the other initiatives that our family members have gone into and that we are supporting  too.

Siraj’s CHoC [Chocolicious Honey Cookies]

11-year old Siraj is a young chef who loves to experiment in the kitchen. One of his creations is his very own chocolicious honey cookies! He started it off to raise funds to visit his friend in South Africa. But after his trip, demand for Siraj’s CHoC didn’t stop and now it’s a business on its own. Try some today!


ALIEN stands for Alia’s Illustrated Examination Notes. Alia is a medical student with a passion for design. She started illustrating her notes for her own personal use, but suddenly even her course mates wanted some! Now, she is currently coming up with her very own illustrated booklet on physical examinations.

Physio Savvy

Need effective and immediate relief from pain? Or some rehab due to a sports injury or after an operation? Whatever your needs may be, we can help you. Physio Savvy is a physiotherapy clinic in KL founded by Alisha Bajerai, an Australian-trained and registered physiotherapist.